Our Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for the wash

Ray Skowronski III is the owner and operator of Sparkling Image Auto Wash. Skowronski started the company in 2013 as an automotive detailing company, providing great service for personal and commercial vehicles. After graduating from Oakland University, Skowronski took his company to the next level, branching off into the car wash industry by opening two Sparkling Image Auto Wash locations in 2018 in Flat Rock Michigan. In 2020 Skowronski continued to expand his business with the newest location in Newport Michigan. He spends countless hours at each location to ensure that each piece of equipment is running perfectly and that every customer leaves with a SPARKLING car and a smile on their face. Skowronski enjoys being a part of the community and helping in any way he can, and appreciates the supportive relationship between local businesses. He hopes to grow Sparkling Image throughout the metro Detroit area and beyond, one sparkling automobile at a time.

Customer service?

Customer service is the cornerstone of Sparkling Image Auto Wash. The owner’s contact information is posted throughout the facilities and he is accessible to troubleshoot problems. With the latest technology being invested in the facility, a lot of common issues can be rectified remotely!

How do you properly keep your car to having the best shine?

We have simplified the process in order to make your wash last. It is advised to do a preliminary hand washing of your vehicle. Once this is successfully completed, you can then use our touchless automatic wash one to two times per week. This process will ensure that your car shines for a longer period of time!

How we operate our car wash?

Each day all of the chemicals are rigoursly tested to ensure their quality. We value that our customers are spending their hard earned money to improve their vechicle’s appearance, and it is our obligation to make sure everything is titrated correctly. The facilities are checked daily to make sure all equipment is working flawlessly to ensure the customer’s experience is exceptional.

What kind of chemicals do you use?

We pride ourselves on using the best quality products made and manufactured in Michigan. All of our products have been rigorously tested and allow us to provide the most exceptional experience for our customers.

When using a credit card on our automatic car washes?

When using a credit card, there is a bank holding fee for 24-48 hours. Once funds are cleared the holding fee will drop down to the additional amount that was selected.

Why chose Sparkling Image Auto Wash?

Sparkling Image Auto Wash does not waiver on the customer’s experience. We have invested in the best equipment and product to ensure that the customer is always satisfied with the outcome of their wash. Sparkling Image Auto Wash is committed to excellence and will continue to be a pioneer in the auto washing industry.